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The project to repair and restore the Church of St George

and upgrade Orleana Square, to befit the heart of Gawler


Fashion Parade Fundraiser
Public Forum

Wednesday 29 May, 6.30 pm at the
Church of St George​

Come and learn more about the project, and ask questions of the Steering Group. Discussion facilitated by Mayor Karen Redman.

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About the Project


The Church of St George is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Gawler. This significant landmark was built by the community of Gawler between 1858 and 1885, and the tower completed in 1908. Named in honour of England's patron saint of St George and Governor George Gawler, it is a major element of the Church Hill Heritage Area and environs - a ‘must visit’ when coming to Gawler. It remains a living building, with the organ installed in 1984, and new stainedglass windows installed in the last two decades.


Most of the roof is covered in original Welsh slate, and at over 140 years old is past its end-of-life and urgently requires replacement. The stonework is aged and worn, and needs cleaning and restoration. Without these works there is a high risk that significant damage could be caused to the entire fabric of the building, with the worst case scenario being that irreparable damage is caused.We believe that the importance of the ongoing presence of this building to the cultural and historical fabric of the town of Gawler cannot be overstated.


More than just repairing the building however, we believe the Church of St George and Church Hill needs a green space at its centre which befits the heart of Gawler. So we are also planning to improve and landscape Orleana Square to be open for all as a place for reflection, community, and a destination for those visiting Church Hill.We are seeking to work with the Town of Gawler, the residents and Friends of Church Hill, and the whole community to make Orleana Square a beautiful, and accessible amenity for locals and visitors alike.

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